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Job Description

We are seeking an engineer with previous experience with optical transceivers to support our customers and sales team in developing and selling products to meet our customer needs. We are a leading provider of optical transceivers such as SFP+, X2, XFP, Xenpak, and GBIC components for IT, Networking, and telecommunications companies. Our products are used in products produced by Cisco, 3com, HP, Foundry, Extreme, Juniper, Alcatel and more.

  • Provide technical information and help solve problems for our in house sales team, as well as our customers/distributors around the world.

  • Recommend changes in products, service, and policy by evaluating results and competitive developments.
  • Resolve customer complaints by investigating problems and developing solutions.
  • MS Degree or PhD in an Engineering related field.
  • Experience with optical transceivers such as GBIC, X2, Xenpak, XFP, SFP, SFP+ SFF, BIDI, TOSA, ROSA, etc.
  • Familiar with networking protocols such as Fiber Chanel, Ethernet, SONET etc.
  • Familiar with system level components such as routers and switches.


Job Description

We are looking for experienced sales people to help market our line of optical transceivers for use in Cisco, HP, 3COM, Foundry, Juniper and more.

  • New Sales staff must be comfortable with cold calling new customers and continuing to support existing customers.
  • Previous knowledge of networking equipment such as Cisco, Foundry, Nortel, Extreme routers and switches is helpful.
  • CCNA or any prior knowledge of Cisco networking equipment, memory, transceivers, SFP's, GBICs, XFPs or cables is appreciated.