Leading Clients in Every Industry

Agilestar proudly supports a comprehensive line of transceiver products, utilized by hundreds of leading corporations, universities and academic institutions, community and government agencies around the world, including, for example, NASA, Nortel, HP, E-Bay, ATT, NEC, Viacom, the Pentagon, and Dartmouth University. Clients ranging from global telecommunications companies to technology manufacturers and enterprise end-users have discovered the performance, precision and pricing advantages of the Agilestar label.

Mission-Critical Client Relationships and Global Customer Service

All of our clients are supported through Agilestar’s premier customer contact and technical support teams. Agilestar has chosen to supplement these teams with a set of distinguished sales representative organizations located around the world, making possible 24/7 customer support and technical advice.

The AGILESTAR Customer Service Commitment

We believe that…

Our client’s satisfaction is our highest calling.
 Quality results from a passion to become the best.
 Good relationships in business can last for a lifetime.
 Doing more business together increases respect and trust.
 Immediate response and on-time delivery are a measure of greatness.
 Partnership, teamwork, and collaboration always trump greed and selfishness.
 If you can name it, we can design and deliver it, on time and at a price you can afford.

“We did some calculations with all of the Agilestar transceivers we have bought—we saved about $1 million dollars over the name branded parts.”

Tom Minchin
Purchasing Manager
CSIRO, Australia