Company Overview

AGILESTAR is an emerging global corporation committed to innovation and client-driven solutions in the internet technology and network telecommunications niche.

Based in the Silicon Valley (North America) with corporate and sales offices in Asia and Europe, we specialize in the design and delivery of high-value technology components to a diverse client base. Our aim is to leverage market opportunities allowing us to create singular products of outstanding value and quality at price points which are distinctly compelling.

Our recent efforts have led to Agilestar’s positioning as a global leader in fiber optical transceivers—pioneering the technology, manufacture, and sale of these components to corporations, telecommunication firms, network developers, and end-users worldwide.


As the name AGILESTAR implies, we intend to be nimble, fast, and bright.

When new product possibilities appear on the horizon, we will lead the way in the design and delivery of these products in a fashion that becomes synonymous with quality, creativity, and unparalleled dedication to our clients.

Where clients are seeking high-quality technology at competitive price points, we will be the sought-after provider.

Where there is a place for innovation, inspiration, and technology leadership, we will be there.

MISSION: Transceiver Transforming the World

Our mission:To provide the world’s most comprehensive array of digital-to-fiber optic transceivers—marked by our own brand name—at a quality that is unmatched and at prices that are highly competitive in today's market.Our team created these transceivers to be compatible with every known leading brand in the market. We produce these transceivers- SFP's, SFP+'s, XFP's, XENPAK's, GBIC's, X2's -- in our own manufacturing sites around the world, assemble them at our headquarters in Silicon Valley, and sell them across the globe through our network of respected sales organizations and technology distribution networks.Each of our nearly 500 transceiver products passes through a rigorous series of tests, are absolutely interchangeable with brand parts, such as Cisco, Foundry, and Nortel, and bear the distinctive quality, pricing, and attention to detail of the AGILESTAR label.

Our Promise

The Transceivers You Want…At a Quality that is Unmatched…At Price Points You Can’t Refuse…Delivered to Your Door in Hours.That’s the Agilestar Advantage.


Custom-Tailored Product Design Working closely with our key clients and technology partners, we are able to deliver on a wide variety of custom-designed optical transceivers overnight. Our design and manufacturing teams work closely with each client to produce technical solutions that meet specific requirements for performance, reliability, and pricing. Dedication to QualityAgilestar’s global headquarters in Silicon Valley ensures access to state-of-the-art technologies and leading edge processes in the fields of testing and quality control. Every Agilestar transceiver product passes through a rigorous set of screenings at our global headquarters testing site. Each component is individually tracked and backed by a warranty meeting the highest standards in the industry.Agilestar’s manufacturing processes are guided by the foremost international specifications for quality, including ISO 9000, RoHS6, IEC 60825, UL, TUV and CE. Six Sigma processes are employed at multiple stages of our work on behalf of our clients from component purchasing through design, manufacturing, assembly and testing. Precision engineering and measured quality outcomes are a hallmark of our efforts.The AGILESTAR Technology CommitmentWe will… Advance the field. Design durable products. Deliver what works and exactly what you need. Utilize state-of-the-art methods and best practices. Create quality components that rival and surpass all others. Provide you with total solutions—products, applications, and personalized service. Become your partner in your pursuit for what makes your specific enterprise successful.

“I have dealt with dozens of companies in the internet components and fiber optics business. There is only one Agilestar. They are fast, responsive, and their products are impeccable. I would shop Agilestar for quality and reliability every single time.”

Kevin Lee, CEOTJL, Inc.

At Agilestar, we are committed to-- Innovation

Building What’s New, Useful, and EffectiveCreating Products Which Revolutionize Our World Finding or Improving on the Cutting Edge of What Works, and What Works Well


Building Unparalleled Relationships with our Clients, Colleagues, and Technology Partners Fostering Teamwork at Every Level, in Every Strategic Venue of Operation Creating Win-Win Positioning in the Marketplace and in the Industry We are Co-Creating


Discovering New Ways of Doing Business and Fostering Profits and Productivity in Our Niche Taking On New Products and Market Opportunities with Agility and Heroic Follow-Through Becoming the Example of Change Mastery and Corporate Re-Invention in the Industry “Agilestar seeks to be the premiere player in the competitive field of optical transceivers in the next 3 years. We will accomplish this utilizing a combination of incredible innovation, unparalleled service and support, and growing relationships with our clients and technology partners around the world.”