Agilestar is a Total Solution Provider for all your optical transceiver sourcing, bringing the key advantages of our approach – Performance, Precision and Pricing--to a range of enterprise end-users, network equipment manufacturers, academic institutions and governmental agencies, and commercial re-seller corporations.

The entire Agilestar Team—Sales and Service, Engineering and Technical Support, Research and Development, our Management Staff and Advisory Board—stand ready to support you and your organization in the development of ultimate solutions for your enterprise and mission. Our goal is to partner with you in producing critical end results, to your specific design and demand.

Enterprise End Users
Network Equipment Manufacturers
Academic and Research Institutions / Governmental Agencies
Technology Distributors and Sales Center Re-Sellers

Enterprise End Users

Agilestar transceiver components are the critical choice of major telecommunications and network enterprise groups (e.g. LG Nortel, ATT, Broadcom) seeking scalable solutions to their business picture. Agilestar’s high-performance, long-life, and cost-effective digital to fiber optic components make possible the choice of both excellence and economics. Agilestar’s comprehensively compatible transceiver line makes it the singular choice for enterprises requiring multiple component solutions, and custom-tailored design options. High-volume, just-in-time manufacturing guarantees a premium solution for each need.

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Network Equipment Manufacturers

Agilestar’s optical components, anchored by our cornerstone transceiver product line, are modular building blocks which enable networking equipment manufacturers to create standards-based products with shorter time-to-market and reduced development costs. Developers can use Agilestar’s transceiver components to build optical network solutions to meet a variety of high-bandwidth requirements in SONET/SDH, Optical Transport Network or Ethernet networks. Our capacity to support technically precise design-in solutions increases the ease, economy and end-results of every development process.

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Academic and Research Institutions / Government Agencies

Agilestar components have become the trusted solution for dozens of academic and research institutions (e.g. Dartmouth University) and local/state and federal agencies (e.g. the U.S. Army, Pentagon). We meet demanding criteria for institutional and organizational budgeting, long-range product reliability, and confidential, staff-specific customer service which are key requirements of major universities, national research groups, and high-powered governmental agencies worldwide. Our sales and service team are continually trained to provide rigorous, sustainable solutions for every organization, meeting crucial needs on-time and on-budget.

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Technology Distributors and Sales Center Re-Sellers

Agilestar transceivers are a key element in the product solution for successful technology clearinghouses, international high-tech distributors, and global reseller corporations. Our capacity to produce full-compatibility, signature Agilestar components for any effort makes possible a full range of vendor and seller market opportunities. As Agilestar, we are the sought-after brand solution in thousands of applications worldwide. As a provider of embedded components, partnering in the enterprise effort of other manufacturers and re-sellers, we are equally adept at providing high-performance, profit-sustaining solutions.

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